Anjani Surelia

    “Yearning for adventure and unique opportunities from post-secondary education, I journeyed from the Saurashtra region of India to Canada. Since arriving in Canada, I have accrued managerial experience, studied biotechnology, and am keen on delving deeper into the world of artificial intelligence, all while enjoying the adventure of being in a new country.

    My career began with a dream of building my own business; moving to Canada has provided me with the opportunity to pursue my entrepreneurial aspirations and start my own small-scale business—an opportunity I plan to make the most of.

    Though I have been provided the opportunity, the path towards achieving my goals throws no shortage of obstacles my way. As I continue to strive for success, I pride myself on being resilient and am determined to perform to the potential I see in myself.

    Learning is growing, and since joining the Friends of Gujarat in Canada team, I have gained invaluable experience that has expanded my understanding of success. Now, I understand that success is found from the happiness that we can provide clients.”