Hemnish Desai

    Hailing from the Diamond City and Textile capital of India, Surat, Hemnish Desai is a revenue management and supply chain professional working with one of Canada’s most reputed and admired Transportation and Logistics Company for the past 15 years. Prior to entering the field of Supply Chain, he had been into software development and coaching for about 12 years in India.

    He is a firm believer of supporting the community that he lives in and has actively participated in organizing food drives to raise food and other essential items for donating to the local food banks over the past few years. His initial inspiration came from his only daughter, who organizes food drives independently and participates in door to door food collection on behalf of local non-profit organizations. Another source of inspiration is his employer, who runs food donation program every year for past several years and supports the communities in need across Canada.

    Hemnish is an ardent music lover and a hobbyist musician, alongside capturing portraits and landscapes during leisure time. He has also supported organizing social events for past few years and wishes to continue his passion for community support as long as he can.