Our History

In 1972, Ugandan president Idi Amin expelled south Asians, including 80,000 Gujaratis, from his country. Canada gave refuge to several destitute Gujaratis.

​Gujaratis are known for their enterprising nature and excellent selling and marketing skills. What they are also known for is their love for food, their sincerity in relationships and always helpful attitude. Gujaratis abroad have established many samaj, clubs and community groups to come together, share their experiences, celebrate the festivals and enjoy themselves whole-heartedly.

​Friends of Gujarat started with a combined realization of Gujaratis in 2014 that as a community they are successful, yet their voice in the political, economic, civic, social, legislative and judicial circles was missing.

​The idea gave birth to FOG Canada, a group, an organization set to unite the reverberating Gujaratis back home with the zealous and innovative Non-residential Gujaratis. FOG Canada’s vision is to see this pulsating, vibrant community come alive and engaged and growing together unitedly at every step.

Our Mandate

  • To promote Gujarati culture and heritage through exhibitions and events on arts, music and cultural performances;
  • To advance the public’s appreciation of the Gujarati arts by providing a forum for qualified artists to exhibit, present, or perform their artistic works through participation in such events;
  • Provide a resource, mentorships, scholarships and awards for individuals of Gujarati origin which can assist in fostering their talents;
  • To promote health and healthy lifestyle by protecting and maintaining public health through the operation of a health awareness programs and sports which can bring awareness and services on healthy living and wellness;
  • To advocate and provide services for Gujarati language, culture and heritage through organizing events, and by conducting classes and educational programs;
  • To operate a physical and virtual community museum which hosts and promotes Gujarati culture and civilization;
  • To provide wide range of community activities through operation of community cultural center which can become a meeting point for residents and communities for career-development, net-working, mentorships, and building community connections;
  • To relieve loneliness and isolation of the seniors and to improve their mobility and fitness by establishing, operating and maintaining a senior citizens’ program/events to provide recreation, education, cultural activities and other programs for senior citizens;
    To undertake filming and documentaries and other mass communications which can promote awareness on Gujarati culture and arts in the general public.